Dark Box

Activated charcoal has become extremely popular in the market with products like face-masks, toothpaste, and even water having charcoal infused into them. Each month, Dark Box will send a variety of charcoal products to your door to test out different brands and kinds of charcoal products.


Criollo Chocolate Company

Chocolate is made from two types of beans – forastero and criollo beans. Criollo beans only represent 5% of cocoa beans and are rarer. It is thought that Criollo beans make chocolate with more flavor than the forastero. Criollo Chocolate Company only uses criollo beans to provide luxury chocolates. Considered to be “the prince of cocoas,” criollo beans are very rare and delicate. All of the beans are imported from South America then broken down and processed in the company. We offer unique flavors like habanero chili, rose petal, bacon, and more. Our chocolates tend to be a bit pricier, however our criollo beans offer a unique chocolate experience that you can find nowhere else.