1918 Vodka

1918 Vodka Company first began in 1918 in Moscow, Russia. Distilled eight times, their vodka is made from mineral water and potatoes that provides a smooth taste and finish like no other. They only make their vodka with potatoes to keep that smooth finish that is unique to their vodka. With the original recipe dating back to the early 1900s, their packaging is an updated version of what it was when they first began. Based on the constructivist movement, they value their process and design to be functional and exact.


Paseo Vineyards

Paseo Vineyards is a winery based in Napa Valley, California. It is an internationally recognized, award winning, boutique winery, with a team dedicated to the pursuit of “good times and fine wines.” It is located on the Silverado Trail near the town of Napa, which is situated among the lush golden hills of the Napa Valley and nearby the Diablo Mountain Range. Playing off of the nearby mountain range name, Paseo Vineyards wants you to walk with the devil while drinking angelic wine.


Plum Island Coffee & Creamery

Plum Island Coffee & Creamery is a made up company based in Newburyport, Massachusetts owned by Matt and Kathleen Latham. It is a coffee and ice cream café located in a small historic downtown seaport. The owners of the café moved from their high stress jobs in downtown Boston, to Newburyport to create Plum Island Coffee & Creamery and pursue their love of birdwatching which is very prominent on the island.