Greeting Cards

Cards Out of the Closet were created to be given to or from a kid who is coming out. The outside of all the cards have humorous quotes about being gay to lighten the situation while the inside allows plenty of space for the person giving the card to write a message for the recipient. The tagline and overall message of these cards is that “Everything Will Be Okay.”


Savor Columbia

Savor was launched in 2016 by some passionate Columbia foodies who wanted to help locals and visitors alike discover something perfect for them, whether it be a Columbia tradition or a new favorite they have never heard of.

As a part of my internship with the company that owns Savor, Lift Division, I created the 2018-2019 Issue. I was in charge of contacting the restaurants and cafés that bought the ads through Savor, designing advertisements, creating the layout for the magazine, and sending it to print.

The full online version of the magazine can be reached here.



I created infographics for two hobbies of mine. I currently have 12 plant babies in my home and I brew and flavor my own Kombucha.


Book Design

For a class assignment we had to redesign a book including the cover, frontispiece, and the insides. I have always had a strong love for horror genre, so I decided to re-read and design the book for one of my favorite horror movies, American Psycho.